Adventures with the Wife in Space - Neil Perryman

I loved this book!!  


I'm not what what you call a hard-core fan having really only watched lots of Doctor's number 9,10 &11 and a few here and there of the earlier Doctors.  I haven't even seen the brand new Doctor yet and it's been almost a year since he regenerated.  I know one of the old Doctors has a really long scarf but I couldn't tell you which one it is unless I cheat and Google it.  (FYI--it's the fourth.)  And I've also seen a few episodes with a nifty yellow car that I think belongs to the third Doctor.  I remember the yellow car because there wasn't a familiar blue Police box in the episodes and that confused me very much.  I always thought the box and the Doctor were a package  deal.


OK--so I'm a medium-core fan! Which explains why I picked up the book from the staff picks shelf.  I laughed so much as I was reading this--more than I have at anything else I've read this year.  


I would highly recommend this--even if you only have a passing knowledge of Doctor Who.  This is mainly a story of a husband sharing his love of something special with his wife and her ability to be open to sharing the adventure together.