Stepping on Roses, Vol. 1 - Rinko Ueda

The review and rating (2.5) is for the whole series.

This series was full of more WTFery and OMG moments than anything I've read in forever. My friend Jeannette (waves like a crazy woman--Hi Jeannette!!) asked me why I had marked this whole series to read and I told her because my local library had most of the series in stock on my last visit--plain and simple. I finished it for the same reason--I had it all, it was short and I was curious what kind of over the top things the manga-ku would throw into this fruit salad and she certainly didn't disappoint on the crazy scale.

The basic premise is poor girl marries rich boy so he can claim his fortune. Within this story we have: attempted murder, child neglect, incest, kidnapping, adultery, mistaken identity, spying,--oh and I'm sure I'm missing all kinds of things!

Of course everything turns out OK in the end and everybody gets their happy endings but the ride is pretty wild and wowza!

All I can say is I wonder what was in their water? Oh that was sake--well that explains alot!

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