Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
Fangirl is the second book by Rainbow Rowell I've read this year. Every time I sell another copy of her first YA novel Eleanor & Park and so wished my family was more like the Murray's or that I could be a Murray or Austin or O'Keefe. I read and re-read these books and would quote parts to people who couldn't have cared less. I was a weird booky girl.

Cath is lucky because her roommate Reagan takes pity on her and practically forces her out of their dorm room. With her boyfriend Levi they help Cath break out of her shell, even though she's still socially awkward.

There's lots more I could say about this book but part of the joy is saying just enough to tease and give in to that feeling of anticipation. When I finished I wished it was already published and not months off so I could start recommending and handselling it.
Being a bookseller is great!!

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