Girl Friends. The Complete Collection 1 - Milk Morinaga
I absolutely adore everything about this short series. Girl Friends is a sweet lovely story of two girls who start as friends but slowly discover what they feel is more than friendship.

Outgoing Akko has been eying shy bookish Maki eat lunch alone all semester and when she makes an offer of friendship Maki is a little surprised but happy. Akko helps Maki transform from a wallflower into a cutie and before long the two girls are best friends. As time passes and Maki finds her feelings for Akko changing and growing, it's so sweetly handled. She get's jealous when she thinks about Akko's past boyfriends and feels sad when they're apart, just like when you first begin to fall in love.

When they finally come together it's magic-it feels right. A young love full of yearning, tenderness, uncertainty, it's all so new and fragile. How can your heart not race when Akko makes her declaration of love to Maki?

imagephoto akko-maki1_zps6c701db5.jpg

It needs to be said that this story is not for everyone as it has adult themes and a same sex relationship but if you are looking for something salacious you will not find it here. There are some sexual scenes but they are lovingly and beautifully done.

imagephoto girlfriend2_zps2a8a73df.jpg

There was so much to love about this series-from the art to the sweet and tender story. I will be saving my pennies to purchase copies for my own personal library and that's saying something because I buy very few manga and this series is a keeper!

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