Rebel Bookseller: Why Indie Businesses Represent Everything You Want To Fight For From Free Speech To Buying Local To Building Communities - Andrew Laties, Bill Ayers, Ed Morrow
Number five book for 2011

I loved this book!! I have been a bookseller for 22+ years and it is not just a job to me, it is my career! I remember when Big&Nasty came to our town & killed our wonderful indie store. People had no idea what they had lost until it was gone. I remember when I worked for Borders after this(I know I know-but you have to make choices sometimes-work for a chain store or don't work at a bookstore at all. My soul couldn't handle being away from books) and people would come in asking for donations for various things like Boy Scouts or other non-profits. Well, Border's branch stores have no control over this and I would tell them to contact corporate to see if they would be willing to help them out knowing damn well they wouldn't. What I really wanted to do was scream at them that if they hadn't stopped shopping at the wonderful indie store we used to have who did all kinds of things for the community there would have been a source for their donations. We lost a store that did story times,book clubs,fund raisers, local authors and many other things for the community. The money came from the community and stayed in the community.

Shop local-Support your indie stores-keep your tax dollars in your community.