Some days you head to the library with the intention of checking out just one thing--in today's case 'Airs Above the Ground' by Mary Stewart for my book club and as you roam around all sorts of additional goodies pop their heads up.


Let me say that the Portland Oregon library system is absolutely wonderful!!  When I go searching for things very rarely do I find that my library system doesn't have them in stock.  Sometimes I have to wait behind a few other people to get what I want but when I do finally get things I can keep them for an insanely long time and I can have way more things checked out than I know what to do with at one time.  I currently have 15 items out which is pretty low for me!


After finding my Mary Stewart I thought I'd check and see if they'd gotten in the latest 'White Trash Zombie' by Diana Rowland because I'd seen a copy come through my bookstore as an employee checkout and they did.  Then, of course, I had to check the manga and graphic novel section and lo and behold they had the next two volumes of Dengeki Daisy--squee!! 


Right as I was heading to the checkout  I found the very best thing of my trip today.  On display was the new Elizabeth Wein,  'Rose Under Fire', the sequel to Code Name Verity, which I have been waiting patiently for for months.  I grabbed it before anyone else could and practically ran to the checkout.


I went in for one book and I left with six.  What can I say, I have a wee problem.  I left the house this morning with eleven books and came home with eight.  As long as I can still get in the door everything is OK!  You can never have too many books!