Again The Magic - Lisa Kleypas

This is a prequel to The Wallflowers series.  The Wallflowers and The Hathoways are possibly my all time favorite romance series.  That's saying something since I just broke my romance cherry this year and when I do something I do it right. I've read more romances than any other genre this year and this is my 10th Lisa Kleypas.


With Again the Magic you get two romances in one--Lady Aline and stable boy McKenna's all consuming childhood romance that has no chance of surviving into adulthood and Lady Olivia and Gideon's second chance romance.


This should have been a five star book but it was missing some of the humor that the rest of the series is filled with and so sadly I took off 1/2 a star.


If your looking for fun and funny historical romances look no further--I can't recommend these or Lisa Kleypas highly enough!