How the Scoundrel Seduces - Sabrina Jeffries What the Duke Desires - Sabrina Jeffries

I managed to read 11 chapters or 186 pages of this before I couldn't stand it any longer!!


 It was so so so awful!!  



I swore I had read another book in this series--I did have an arc floating around my house of "What the Duke Desires" before I moved and now I'm guessing the first one was as awful as this one and I just completely blocked reading it from my memory.  I wish I had left enough of a memory to remind me not to pick up this volume so I didn't waste the whole afternoon thinking it would get better.  i


In my defense it was Sabrina Jeffries, I've only been reading romance for the last 2 years or so and she's got a lot of novels out--who knew she was so bad or I should say that she would so not be my cup of tea.