Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves -

I found a receipt inside my copy from Borders dated 3/24/10 which shows that A. M. Mullen bought this book in Peoria IL (they had the full name listed which I find pretty invasive for a receipt but what the heck do I know)

Sadly--this little tidbit was about as interesting as the book.

I loved making mix-tapes, having a bunch of favorite songs on one tape--the ones you listened to when your day needed a pick-up, the ones you made to take to work or for the bus ride to help psych yourself up for the day ahead. I loved the few mix-tapes I received, mostly from co-workers. Some of my favorite music came from being introduced to things via mix-tape (Thank you Justin Lacher!!)

1 star for the idea, 1 star for the section by Rick Moody & Stacey Richter and 1 star for making me look up this song (the only song I was tempted to look up which is very sad for a book about music!) which Julie Shapiro claims is ..."one of the most romantic songs ever written."

Crimpshrines--Pretty Mess