Shadow of the Moon - M.M. Kaye
  A sweeping epic story using the backdrop of the rebellion of the Sepoys (or Indian soldiers) in India against the rule of the East India Company.

I spent more time with this book than any other so far this year. It was a big ol' thing that required it's own bag to transport it to and fro from work so I could read it on the bus and at lunch. Good thing it was so engrossing or it would have been easy to hate this book. I really can't improve on what people have already said so if you enjoy historical fiction and don't mind spending a few (more or less, your results may vary) days longer than usual on a book I can guarantee a rip snorting time.

I spent many a day at my bus stop fuming aloud about some injustice (and there was always some injustice) happening to my favorite character of the moment, forgetting that the whole world could hear me.

Do Alex and Winter get their happy ever after?? Read and find out.