Emil and the Detectives - Erich Kästner, May Massee, Walter Trier

I'm doing a train display at work and was so excited when I found this title because the first third part of the book takes place on a train.

That is until I read it.

Oh my gosh--it was so so so boring. By the time it got interesting it was so far along I almost resented it for having taken so long for the exciting parts to happen. And then, they had cake with Mr Kastner, who was a character in his own book.

Other reviewers have said most of his other books were banned by the Nazis but not this one because it was too popular. Maybe this is just one of those cultural things that doesn't quite translate properly.

Glad I read it but also glad I didn't order $12.99 copies of a book most kids would probably hate and I mostly finished on my bus ride home.