Invisibility - Andrea Cremer, David Levithan
I had really high hopes for this book because I loved [b:Every Day|13262783|Every Day|David Levithan||18464379] when I read it last year and I have to say I was not disappointed. I have yet to read any of the other titles David Levithan has co-written with other YA authors but if this is any indication of the enjoyment I'm in for I have several new titles to add to my reading list.

Have you ever felt invisible--that people just don't see you? For Stephen this is his reality owing to a curse his Grandfather placed on his mother. Imagine how much his life changes when he realizes his new neighbor Elizabeth (and only Elizabeth) can see him. What follows is a tale of romance and cursecasters and spellseekers.

I loved the relationship between Stephen and Elizabeth. How Stephen is reluctant at first to tell Elizabeth the truth of his life

"It is only when I get home that I feel the weight again,of all the things I cannot tell her, of all the things I am."

or after they have formed a bond he is unsure of what others seem to know about relationships, what he's missed out on by being invisible

"There are times--times like now--when I wonder if being invisible is the only thing I'm good at. It feels like there's too much to catch up on, too much that everyone else already knows. If we build our current relationships from the relics of old relationships, I am starting without any material."

Laurie, Elizabeth's brother, added great comic relief and was my favorite character. Just the perfect amount of snark and as someone who had his own demons to overcome, his message of overcoming adversity without being all sickly sweet about it was perfect.

As it stands now this is a stand alone novel but I heard somewhere there may be a sequel which I would read in a heartbeat.

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