If You Could Be Mine: A Novel - Sara Farizan

I wanted to love this story--it had so many things in it's favor. Sahar and Nasrin, two girls in love, in Iran, where homosexuality is a crime that can be punishable by death, but sexual reassignment surgery is legal because this is seen as "nature's mistake". Add an impending marriage for one of the girls to put some additional angst in and you have your basic story. But sadly the whole thing just didn't hit the mark.

There were characters and moments I loved. I loved Parveen who is a transsexual woman who helps Sahar navigate the world of transsexuals and sexual reassignment surgery even knowing Sahar was attempting it for all the wrong reasons. The slight glimpses of Daughter made me sad and I was happy to see her storyline play out as it did. As much as I liked cousin Ali his story seemed to take time away from Sahar and Nasrin.

The ending felt rushed and while I was glad it didn't end in tragedy I felt unsatisfied.

Good but could have been great.

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