Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?: Cause I Need More Room for My Plasma TV - Karen Spears Zacharias
All of the so called "Christian" candidates for the GOP should have to read this book-especially Herman Cain who claims people who don't have jobs are somehow at fault. Gently goes off on christians who are fans of the new prosperity gospel which seems to be the new rage-if you pray to God hard enough for "things" like money and a bigger house and car he will give it to you. And if he doesn't, well it must be something you did wrong, somehow you are not right with God. Pure hogwash IMHO because the people I knew who were the most giving and loving and seemed to do the things God wants us to do like caring for the people who needed the most help seemed to be poor but not unhappy about it because they got by, had a roof over their heads,food to eat every day and people who cared about them.
I've learned it's the little things in life that give it joy and a smile or a kind word make our world a much better place. And both of those are free!