Yours Until Dawn - Teresa Medeiros

I'm not a big fan of the wounded war hero trope.  This book is the second one I've read this year that used this trope, the first being which dealt with PTSD in a Crimean War vet.  'Yours Until Dawn' has our hero return home blinded and scarred from the Battle of Trafalgar.


Our hero, Gabriel Fairchild, Earl of Sheffield, joined the navy to prove his worth to a girl--this when he could have bought himself a commission--and ended up losing her when he was injured in battle.  He's now come back to the family mansion, Fairchild Park, to have a good old pity party and make everyone as miserable as he is. He is so miserable and mean he's managed to drive off two nurses which leaves the stage open for our heroine, Samantha Wickersham.


From the start you know that Nurse Sam is hiding something but she keeps it well hidden.  And she certainly isn't going to take any sh*! from the arrogant Gabriel, especially since the Earl's father is her boss. The rest of the staff may have to bow down to the Earl but not her.  She sets out to help him learn to live with his blindness instead of like an animal flailing about in the darkness.  She's his champion when his family suddenly appears and by deed show they wish for the old, carefree Gabriel to be back instead of the damaged war hero.


I have to say the behavior of the heroine after the twist made me take 1/2 a star off my rating.  I won't say what she did and she finally redeemed herself in the end but I was unhappy and felt she had grown by this point in the story to not be so childish.  I realize there was a change in circumstances but I think coming clean would have been the way to go and things had changed for both hero and heroine.


Ultimately, as with any romance, it's all about the ride to the HEA.  How long does it take and how many obstacles does the author put in the way or how annoying are the lovers on the way?  I can happily report this was enjoyable and except for that little "hiccup" a good introduction to a new author.