Legend  - Marie Lu

Dystopian's are the flavor of the moment in YA fiction with The Hunger Games being the most famous (at the moment) but new ones seems to come out almost every other week.  So, I really didn't need to read this, and nothing in the description or the covers screams try me but by some stroke of luck I get first dibs on the new/last volume.  Do I do the nice thing and let my co-workers who have already invested time in reading the first two volumes read volume three?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  I decide that since I have first dibs on the book I am going to read the other two volumes and then read volume three.  Luckily I read pretty fast and I had all three read in 5 or so days.Divergent was my go-to series for the longest time but I wasn't very thrilled with the ending.  After reading this one I think I may have a new series.  I liked the world building, the ending didn't disappoint and the epilogue was sweet. It was also nice to read a whole series from start to finish for a change.  I should jump on the bandwagon late more often!