The Good Luck of Right Now - Matthew Quick

I really like Matthew Quick.  Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock was my first book by him and it was one of my favorites last year!  And even though I was late to the Silver Linings party (the movie clips made it look like a chick flick sob-fest, so sue me!!) I loved it, not quite as much as Leonard, but still.  So when I heard he had a new book coming out this winter I was over the moon happy.  Then my co-worker Rachel said it was just Meh and I became a little bit scared.  But I took the ARC from her, knowing she had to be wrong, right!!??!!



So here is where I sigh a big sigh and say that while it is very lovely written (what else would you expect!) it's full of characters that are just too quirky, situations that are just too trite and exactly what you would expect from such quirky characters.  This book was  so full of all sorts of stock tropes that when the next one happened it was all I could do not to say 'You've got to be kidding me'!



When Father McNamee dies before revealing he's Bartholomew's real father and then the  Girlbrarian reveals her sad story on the same night it was just a little too much for me.

(show spoiler)


Everyone else seems to love it but I think he can do better and I'm going to hold him to it.  I'm waiting for the next book because I think it will be better-this just feels like a placeholder.